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Leveling is the process where large steel coils are straightened and then cut-to-length for a specific requirement. Coils are leveled on this unique machine through a combination of tension and roller leveling. The automated drive system controls strip elongation to within +/- .02%. One of the 2 flattener designs engages the metal as it is pulled though the leveling device providing strip flatness for the most critical applications. The benefit of this process is that customers can purchase exact length of material eliminating drop that would result from using stock size sheet or plate.

We offers sheet /plate leveling as part of our full line of stainless steel processing services and cut-to-length material, this line can process stainless steel coils up to 96″wide, with a thickness of .090″ to .375″. even on surface-critical 2B sheet finish, as well as corrective leveling of .375 gauge. All product can be cut to size. Our produce line includes: overhung mandrel-type uncoiler; three-roll breaker; entry-crop shear; Precision Leveler®; vinyl applicator; down-cut shear; drop-type stacker; line marking; pack lift; and run-out conveyors

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