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Titanium Alloy Grade: GR8 Sheets

Titanium Alloys ASTM B265 Gr 8 Coils | Titanium Alloys Gr 8 UNS R56400 Plates, Sheets & Coils Exporter |Titanium Alloys DIN 3.7164 Plates, Sheets & Coils

NG Industries is a pioneer in Titanium Gr 8 Sheets Supplier and Ti-6-4 Strips Supplier, alongside Ti-6Al-4V Plates exporters of the quality Titanium Grade 8 Sheets and Plates; having straightforward entry in a tremendous assortment of titanium and titanium alloy plates and plates. Titanium Grade 8 Sheets and Plates, which is a standard quality products, is an alloyed titanium item that contains 4% Vanadium and 6% Aluminum. Titanium Ti6Al4V Sheets is perceived moderately over the world as a low-weight and high-quality material, which has pretty much 60 percent of steel in it. Notwithstanding, it has other outstandingly alluring properties additionally, for example, most surprisingly high corrosion resistance, and top notch electrical conductivity. Working towards the point of customer fulfillment, we offer these items at the most reasonable industry costs.

Titanium Grade 8 Plates & Sheets is an unalloyed, standard quality titanium products. This titanium evaluation is utilized as a part of flying machine motors, marine and airframes parts, where it's recognizing qualities are corrosion resistance and great weldability.

Specifications :

Grades Titanium GR-8
Standard GB / T 3621 -44 , ASTM B 265, ASME SB 265
Werkstoff Nr 3.7164/65
Thickness 1mm – 100mm
Width 1000mm – 3000mm
Production Hot-Rolled (HR) / Cold-Rolled (CR)
Application Chemicals & Fertilizers Industries , Sugar Mills , Cement Industries , Ship Building , Paper Industries , Oil & Gas , Petrochemicals , etc

Chemical Composition :

Al Fe O Ti V
max max max max max
6 0.25 0.2 90 4

Mechnical Properties :

Hardness, Brinell334334 Estimated from Rockwell C.
Hardness, Knoop363363 Estimated from Rockwell C.
Hardness, Rockwell C3636 
Hardness, Vickers349349 Estimated from Rockwell C.
Tensile Strength, Ultimate950 MPa138000 psi 
Tensile Strength, Yield880 MPa128000 psi 
Elongation at Break14 %14 % 
Reduction of Area36 %36 % 
Modulus of Elasticity113.8 GPa16500 ksi 
Compressive Yield Strength970 MPa141000 psi 
Notched Tensile Strength1450 MPa210000 psi Kt (stress concentration factor) = 6.7
Ultimate Bearing Strength1860 MPa270000 psi e/D = 2
Bearing Yield Strength1480 MPa215000 psi e/D = 2
Poisson's Ratio0.3420.342 
Charpy Impact17 J12.5 ft-lb V-notch
Fatigue Strength240 MPa34800 psi at 1E+7 cycles. Kt (stress concentration factor) = 3.3
Fatigue Strength510 MPa74000 psi Unnotched 10,000,000 Cycles
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